For nearly 30 years, Strahan Medical Group has been a trusted supplier of Medical Equipment and Disposables based in Okemos, MI. SMG focuses on acute care products for hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes and wound care centers.  SMG understands the needs of today’s manufacturers, supply chains, and end-users.  In partnership, we learn to respond to their needs and incorporate selling strategies related to them with clinical and proven outcomes that satisfy their demands.

Health care is evolving-for both patients and providers.  Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities.  Our expert advice, strategic resources, and integrated solutions enable quality care to meet the needs of your patient population, as well as enhanced efficiency and productivity to enhance patient care and outcomes.

About Us

About Us


What We do

What we Do


You’re in the business of health. You make a difference in the lives of your patients—and the quality of life in your community. But the business of health is also a business. You put your patients first, but you’re also keeping an eye on the bottom line. Whether you’re a single-doctor practice, a group of specialty clinics or an integrated delivery network spread across multiple states, every day you face a swarm of challenges and threats, including:

• Rising costs
• Changes to reimbursements
• Hiring, recruiting, and training staff
• Delivering value-based care
• Billing and coding
• Contract compliance
• Unfamiliarity with the latest products
• Gaps in patient scheduling
• Marketing to attract new patients

Learning About Your Facility or Organization—And the Products and Issues Affecting Them

No two patients are alike. They might share common symptoms or have similar medical histories, but you tailor your diagnosis and treatment to each patient you serve. In the same way, Strahan Medical Group tailors its service to the specific needs of each customer. As your trusted medical supply representative, we look at a number of factors affecting your business, including:

• The type of care you provide
• The demographics of your patient population
• Other players in your market

At Strahan Medical Group, we’ve built our careers and reputation on trust, service, product quality, follow-up and delivery on expectations. We stay abreast of the latest trends, regulations, and compliance changes that can affect your business, and we make recommendations to help you stay profitable and competitive. In addition, we offer products and identify new offerings and innovations that can help you improve patient outcomes.

To learn more about Strahan Medical Group and what we do, contact us today. You can either call within business hours or send an e-mail through the Contact Us page.

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